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Kathy's Family Business Organic Hair Care Company
Work From Home or Small Office!

  • Kathy’s Family Business — Be Your Own Boss
  • Defined Exclusive Territories — You can purchase any state as your exclusive territory. You purchase a state or multiple states. You own all business in that state or states exclusively. Every penny from that state goes through you. No one else will conduct business in your selected states or states.
  • 50% Profit Margins — You’ll be purchasing products below wholesale. Then sell to your customers at wholesale or retail. The difference in purchasing from us and the selling price to your customer is your profit.
  • Low Investment — You pay $27,500 per state one time fee to purchase the state or states of your choice. You can pay in full or you can make payments.
  • Start Immediately With Current Customers — We can supply you with our current customer list for the state or states you purchase  You may be earning profits immediately.
  • We Supply Sales Leads — We supply new customer leads .
  • All Manufacturing & Shipping Handled by Us — Hassle free product handling. You tell us; we ship to your customer.
  • No In-person Selling – Handle All Sales by Phone — No travel expenses or need to visit customers. Conduct all business from the comfort of your home or small office.
  • Training and Support — We will supply you with sales scripts, phone training session at your convenience. You can always call us with questions, while conducting your business.
  • You have Complete Control of your Business — You will receive a monthly invoice for the products you purchased from us and all the orders you produced.
  • No Equipment to Purchase — You don’t need any product or shipping equipment to purchase. Just your own standard business item such as phone, stationery, office supplies and paperwork.
  • We are always coming up with New Products,it is very fun — You will be notified of any new products we develop to sell immediately.
  • Flat Rate on Product Shipping — all products shipped directly to your customer.
  • Short-term Renewable Contract — The contract is annual. You can always renew, change or add states (if available) at the end of each contract year.
  •  Exclusivity — Handle and focus on only Kathy’s Family products. You can not own any other businesses or franchises or sell any other items .